User Guide

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Library Pass (Limited to the Members of the University of Tokyo)

Applications of Library Pass : 9:00-20:00 on Weekdays.

  • Student's (Employee) ID or Pass to Univ. of Tokyo Library System (IC card type or Bar code type) is used for entry and use of the library,and it's necessary to register your contact information.
  • Users whose "Home Library" is the Agri. Library : *
    Please enquire at the counter.
  • Users whose "Home Library" are other libraries :
    Please enquire at your "Home Library" (library of your faculty)
  • Validity of the Library Card is the same as that of your student(Employee)period.

* Following are the users whose "Home Library" is the Agri. Library:

  1. Members of the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture
  2. Members of the Biotechnology Research Center
  3. Members of the Asian Natural Environmental Science Center


  • Members of the University of Tokyo:
    Library Pass is required to pass through the entrance gate.
  • Non members of the University of Tokyo:
    Bring your identification card and fill out the visitor's form. On weekdays,please take the procedure by20:00.


  • Almost all the books/journals in the Library are placed on open shelves, which can be freely accessed for use within the Library.
  • Rare books, books in Japanese binding, doctoral theses, micro- forms and maps, which can be used only during the weekdays 9:00-17:00 hr. Please ask the staff at the counter.
  • Return material to the original position after use.

Borrowing & Returns (Limited to the Members of the University of Tokyo)

  • Self Check-out machine is available after 22:15 on weekdays (only bar-codes are attached to covers of materials).


  Books Journals
Loan Period 2 weeks 1 weeks
Renewals GeneralBooks,etc once unable
Lending vols. No limit No limit
Counter Opened Weekdays 8:30~22:15 8:30~22:15
Saturdays Opening hours Opening hours

If you have any overdue books/journals, you cannot borrow until you return the previous ones.


  • Bring the borrowed items to the counter.
  • The bookdrop outside the library doors is available when the library closed(books only).


  • Fill in the photocopy application form and take to the counter. Photocopying of some text may be restricted by the Copyright Law, or condition of the material.
  • Following self-service copy machines are available:
    A.Copy machines operated by COPYLYZER card
    (public expense of the Faculty of Agriculture)
    B.Coin-operated copy machines
    (private expense: 10 yen per sheet; receipts provided 10:30-16:30)
    Service hours : opening time - 30 minutes before the closing time
  • Service hours for photocopy at public expense from members of the other faculties (photocopying done by the Library staff) :
    Weekdays: 9:00-17:00 hr
  • Return books/journals to the original position after photocopying.


  • PC Room(Main building 3F)
    Computers for library users
    ECCS terminals are also here(for university member only)
  • Wireless LAN
    Limited to the Members of the University of Tokyo,and ECCS'account,etc.
  • Browsing Corner (Main building 2F)
    Newspapers etc...
  • Satellite broadcasting(Main building 2F)
    CNN, BBC
  • Microform Reader/Printer(Main building 1F)
  • Seminar Rooms * (Main building 3F)
  • Study Cubicles * (Main building 2F)

    * Limited to the users whose "Home Library" is the Agri. Library.

Other Services

  • Reference service
  • Interlibrary loan / photocopy service*
  • Instructions on using other libraries
  • Seminars, guidance etc.

    * Limited to the users whose "Home Library" is the Agri. Library.

Service hours of some services are shorter than the opening hours.
For detail, please ask the staff.



  • Take care of your personal belongings.
  • Eating and smoking in the library is prohibited.
  • drinking is available in the lounge.(Main building 1F)
  • Mobile phones must be set to "manner mode" or turned off while in the library.
    Don't talk on the mobile phones in the library.