How to Find Micromaterials



This pathfinder introduces how to find and use the micromaterials stored in the University Library for Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Tokyo. Please use this guide to search for microformed materials.

Characteristics of Micromaterials and Subjects in Our Collection

Micromaterials are films or plates that store microphotographs of books, journals, newspapers, documents, etc. They save space and their advantage is that they can be used as substitutes for rare materials when the originals are inaccessible. Regarding their forms, we have roll (reel) and sheet (microfiche) type micromaterials, which can be viewed and printed using a special machine called a micro reader/printer.

The University Library for Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Tokyo owns not only agricultural but also humanities and social sciences collections. Our holdings include, “Noushoumushou Kosaku Kankou Chousa Houkoku (Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce 1921 Survey of Tenancy Customs in Japan),” “Tochi Keizai Siryou (Landed Economic Systems of Japan before the Agrarian Reform of 1947),” “British Agricultural Writers, 1550–1820,” “Great Britain, Cabinet Office, Cabinet Minutes, and Memoranda, 1916–1939,” “The Holyoake Papers,” etc.

How to Find Micromaterials

Micromaterials of books and journals can be searched using Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) or paper lists provided in the library. Please note that not all of our micromaterials, especially books, are catalogued in OPAC.
  1. Search by the University of Tokyo OPAC

    Each micromaterial can be searched using OPAC by entering the title or words contained in the title, similar to printed books and journals.


  3. Search by lists

    Paper lists of the micromaterials in our collection are placed on the microreader/printer desk located on the first floor of the library’s main building. A shelf-list of the micro-cabinets, a title list, and a list of copied journal card catalogues are also supplied there. As not all of our micromaterial books are catalogued in OPAC, please refer to these paper lists for these also.

  4. Search information in microfilm or microfiche

    Some microfilm or microfiche sets have guidebooks or printed catalogues attached, which are stored in the cabinets beside the microreader/printer. You may locate the information you need to view in microfilms or microfiches using these accompanying guides.

How to Use Micromaterials

  • Please request the use of micromaterials at the service desk on the first floor.
    Hours of service: 9:00–17:00 on weekdays.
  • A microreader/printer is available in the library to view and print from microfilm or microfiche.
  • Please ask service staff for help if you do not know how to operate the microreader/printer.
  • When you need to print materials, please enquire about the details of printing at the service desk.