Materials & Locations

Please refer to Floor Map for the layout on each floor.

UTokyo OPAC LocationUTokyo OPAC CommentsTypeFl.Area
Agr.Lib.JournalsJournals in Japanese (After 1950-)3F
Agr.Lib.JournalsJournals in Japanese (Before -1949)B1F
Agr.Lib.JournalsJournals in Western Languages (After 2001-)1F
Agr.Lib.JournalsJournals in Western Languages (Before -2000)B1F
Agr.Lib.JournalsブラウジングコーナーNewly-Arrived Magazines2FBrowsing Corner
Journals in Chinese, Korean, Russian, GreekB1F
Agr.Lib.Journals官-[government administration office name]Japanese Government Publications2F
Agr.Lib.Journals統-[government administration office name]Japanese Government Statistics2F
Agr.Lib.Journals地-[prefecture name]Local Government Publications3F
Agr.Lib.Journals地-統[prefecture name]Local Government Statistics3F
ASAE / ASABE PublicationsB1F
Agr.Lib.Journals大型雑誌コーナーLarge JournalsB1F
Agr.Lib.JournalsFAOFAO PublicationsB1F
Agr.Lib.JournalsUSDAUSDA PublicationsB1F
Agr.Lib.JournalsUNUN PublicationsB1F
Agr.Lib.JournalsCGIARCGIAR Publications3F
Agr.Lib.GeneralGeneral Books (Call No. 000-399)3F
Agr.Lib.GeneralGeneral Books (Call No. 400-613)2F
Agr.Lib.GeneralGeneral Books (Call No. 614-999)1F
Agr.Lib.General旧農経資料Collection of the Former Agricultural Economics Laboratory(Government publications & former colonial publications: acquired before 1945)3F
Agr.Lib.General旧演習林Collection of the University Forests (Former colonial publications)3F
Agr.Lib.General資料コーナーPamphlets & Others3F
Agr.Lib.General科研費Kakenhi (Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences: after 1984)1F
Agr.Lib.GeneralブラウジングコーナーPractical Books, Books for Learning English2FBrowsing Corner
Agr.Lib.SyllabusSyllabus1FSyllabus Corner
Agr.Lib.Old ClnBooks Cataloged before 1960 (Collection of the former Agricultural Economics Laboratory)B1F
Agr.Lib.Old Reg.J.Books formerly in the Labs (Japanese)B1F
Agr.Lib.Old Reg.FBooks formerly in the Labs (Foreign Languages)B1F
Agr.Lib.ReferenceReference Books1FReference Books Corner
Agr.Lib.DirectoryDirectory1FReference Books Corner
Agr.Lib.Bibliogr.Bibliography1FReference Books Corner
Agr.Lib.Stor.Rare Books, Japanese Classic Materials, and Special Collections*
Agr.Lib.Maps書見台Maps1FReference Books Corner
Agr.Lib.Non-BookMCD, DVD, Microforms*
(not registered)Newspapers (from today to last month)2FBrowsing Corner
Agr.Lib.JournalsNewspapers (reduced-size and reprinted edition)B1F
(not registered)Doctoral Dissertations (Agriculture / Veterinary medical science: from March 1958)*

Please apply for using materials with “*” in “Fl.” at the service desk.
(Hours: weekdays 9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:30 (CD, DVD: from opening to 30 minutes before closing *Terminal for viewing CDs and DVDs: 9:00-16:30 on weekdays))

Materials in the laboratory

Materials whose location is “Agr.[Laboratory’s Name]“ or “Agr.Lab.[No.]” are located in the laboratory.
Conditions of use vary by laboratory. Please ask Agr. Library if the material is available and how to access the material.


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