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 Library pass
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 Use of NDL Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries

Opening hours / Admission / Browsing
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Library pass

Faculty/Student ID card of the University of Tokyo (IC card type) can be used as a library pass for all UTokyo libraries.
On first use of library, please check the “Registration” below. Those who don’t have Faculty IC card, we will issue Pass to Libraries of the University of Tokyo.


Those who eligible :
Members of the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences / Faculty of Agriculture
Members of the Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (IQB)

Status Document to prove enrollment Registraiton
Students (undergraduates/ graduates/ research students/ auditing students, etc.) Student ID (IC card type) Please register contacts (phone number, mail address, address) on UTAS (on-campus system used for course registration). Your registered information on UTAS can be shown on the library system the next day. If you cannot use UTAS, please consult us.
*Some students may be able to use the system but still need to register at the library (ex. auditing student). If you cannot pass through the library entrance gate with your student ID, please ask the service desk.
Student ID (without IC)

Please submit the following two documents to the service desk 30 minutes before the library closes or submit online application.
・Faculty ID / Student ID (IC card type) or document to prove enrollment
・”Application form to Pass to Libraries of the University of Tokyo”
*Applications submitted after 17:00 p.m. on weekdays or on weekends / holidays will be registered on the following weekday or later.

Certificate of enrollment issued by UTokyo
Faculty and staff Faculty ID (IC card type)
Identification card / Certificate of enrollment issued by UTokyo
Documents that certificate employment and enrollment and period

*For members of the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences who don’t have any documents that certificate your registration, please consult us.

  • Application form to Pass to Libraries of the University of Tokyo (Faculty of Agriculture) : PDF / xlsx
  • Application form to Pass to Libraries of the University of Tokyo (IQB) : PDF / xlsx
  • Application form to Pass to Libraries of the University of Tokyo (Example) : PDF

(Printed application form is also available at the service desk)


Please check out by a self-checkout machine / at the service desk.
The self-check machine is not available for the following case. Please ask the service desk.

  • Those who have the barcode-labeled type Library card
  • Thick materials/ materials without barcode labels on the cover.
  • Unbound journals (newly arrived journals, etc.)
  • Non-book items (e.g. CD-ROMs)

Loan period

  Loan period Renewal Quantity
Books 2 weeks Once (2 weeks) No limit
Journals 1 week Not available No limit
  • You can extend the loan period via MyOPAC. →Help
  • In the case you have at least one overdue book, you cannot borrow any books.
  • You cannot renew books if your book is made a reservation by another user or if you have overdue books.

Materials only available in the library (in-library use only)

  • Materials at the Syllabus Corner (materials labeled ‘Syllabus’ on the spine)
  • Reference books (including institutional handbooks and bibliographies)
  • Doctoral dissertations
  • Senior theses submitted in Meiji or Taisho periods
  • Rare books and books in Japanese binding
  • Various collections (Suzuki collection, Ueda collection, Sasaki collection, Janson collection)
  • Newspapers (except for Reduced-size and reprinted editions)
  • Microforms
  • Maps
  • Other materials that publishers prohibited from taking out of libraries.

Home delivery service

As a barrier-free service, we offer a home delivery service so that members belonging to Graduated school of Agricultural and Life Sciences/ Faculty of Agriculture can access to the items in Agr. Library.
*Not available for IQB members.

  • Maximum of 3 books per application can be borrowed.There is no limit of the total number of the books you borrow (Also, no limits in how many times you use this service).
  • The due date is 3 weeks after the postage from the library. The renewal procedure is the same as the usual.
  • The university cover the postage cost (not including return postage cost).
  • Please register the service from here (available anytime). After receiving the form, the library will sequentially send you the materials via either Letter Pack, Yu-Mail, or Yu-Pack(レターパック、ゆうメール、ゆうパック).


  • Please return the materials to the service desk during opening hours.
    *Please be sure to return by the due date for the other users.
    When there is even one overdue material, no new materials, whether books or journals, can be checked out.
    Overdue borrowers may be suspended from borrowing materials for a certain period.
  • When the library is closed, please return materials to the book drop box on the left side of the entrance.
    *Non-book materials such as unbound journals and CD-ROMs may be damaged, so please return them to the service desk when the library is open, not to the book drop.
  • Materials of the Agr. Library can also be returned to the other UTokyo libraries. You can also return materials from the other UTokyo libraries at Agr. Library except for materials that have been instructed to be returned in person or otherwise when checked out.

Return by mail

  • If you are unable to come to the library by the due date because of unavoidable circumstances, you may return the materials by mail.
    • Materials must be from the collection of Agr. Library.
    • The day the materials arrive at Agr. Library is the return date. Please note that materials cannot be received on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
    • Please wrap returned materials in plastic bags and protect them with cushioning material to prevent damage.
    • To prevent loss during postage, please send your materials by a way that is traceable and allows confirmation of receipt (Yu-pack, registered mail, Letter Pack Plus, courier service, etc.).
    • Please pay the postage costs (cash on delivery is not acceptable).

[Mailing address]
1-1-1 Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8657, Japan
The University Library for Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo, Information Service Section

*If any of the borrowed materials are lost or damaged, please let us know.
*Please note that you may be asked to pay for any lost or defaced materials if the above precautions are not followed.


If a book or journal is currently on loan or in binding, you can make a reservation.

  • Books : Please reserve from the MyOPAC page of UTokyo OPAC. →Help
  • Journals : Please ask at the service desk (journals cannot be reserved through OPAC).
  • You will be notified as soon as the material become available.


Photocopy machine Reception : Opening -30 minutes before closing 
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Photographing by user (prior application required) Service hours : Weekdays 9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:30 
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Reference service Reception : Weekdays 8:30-17:00 
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Use of materials held in other libraries

When you go to the library directly

  • Using materials held in other UTokyo libraries
    • Please refer to “The University of Tokyo Libraries” for information on library hours, procedures, borrowing conditions, etc.
    • If you wish to make photocopies of materials from other UTokyo libraries at public expense, please refer to “Using interlibrary loan service” below.
  • Using materials held in libraries of other universities or institutions
    • Please inquire at the service desk for information on opening hours, conditions of use, etc., of libraries of other universities or institutions.
    • A “letter of introduction” may be required for use. A letter of introduction will be issued at the service desk.
      *Hours : 8:30-17:00 on weekdays
    • Faculty members, graduate students and other researchers can browse other national university libraries with “Faculty/Student ID”. However, please check the latest information from each university library before visiting.

Using interlibrary loan services

  • You may be able to use literature without coming to the library through our photocopying, book borrowing services and PDF browsing service. For more information, please see here.

Use of NDL Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries Reception : Weekdays 9:00-16:30 / Service hours : Weekdays 9:00- 17:00 

This service allows users to view digital images of books and journals digitized at the National Diet Library (NDL) that are out of print or otherwise difficult to obtain from a dedicated terminal in Agr. Library, and to make copies within the limits of copyright law.
For details of the service, please refer to the following Web site.
Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries (NDL Website)
*Materials that are eligible for “Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Libraries” can also be transmitted for personal use if you register for the service. For more information, please see “Digitized Contents Transmission Service for Individuals” (NDL website).

Searching contents

You can search for eligible materials at “NDL Digital Collections“. Searches can also be conducted from outside Agr. Library, such as at home or in laboratories.
*Search results displaying “Available with Digitized Contents Transmission Service” are eligible materials that can be viewed at our library. When searching, you can check the “Available with Digitized Contents Transmission Service” checkbox.

Those who eligible

Members of Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences/ Faculty of Agriculture
Members of the Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (IQB)

Service hours

8:30-17:00 on weekdays
*Request for viewing and copying : until 16:30
*Payment of document copying fees at private expense and handing over of photocopied materials : until 16:00

How to use

Please present your ID or library card at the service desk and fill out the use form.
Library staff will prepare a terminal for viewing.


Please ask at the service desk. Then, you will be asked to fill out a photocopy application form. Library staff will print it out for you.
The fee is 20 yen per monochrome sheet and 60 yen per color sheet.
For applications with payment at private expense, payment is accepted until 16:00 on weekdays. After payment in cash, you will receive a copy of the literature.
Depending on the time of application and quantity, you may not receive a copy on the application day.


Digital image data cannot be downloaded, saved, or captured on screen.