For New Faculty Members

(The following information is current as of October 2022.)


To use libraries of the University of Tokyo, you must first register at Agr. Library.
Once registered, you can use all UTokyo libraries.

  1. Newly hired or never registered to use the library before
  2. Those who have transferred from other departments
    • Please bring your Faculty ID or the library card you have already been issued. At the service desk, we will check your registration status and update your data according to your current affiliation.


Seminar rooms / Conference room

These are available for group study and research, including classes, and for meetings organised by sections and laboratories within the Faculty of Agriculture.

  • Capacity : Seminor room 1 … 3-36 persons (58㎡) / Seminor room 2 … 3-20 persons (46㎡) / Conference room … 3-20 persons (59㎡)
  • Service hours : 8:30-20:30 (on Weekdays) / 12:00-16:40 (on Saturday, opening day s for national holiday)
  • For more information, please see “Seminar Rooms / Conference Room“.

ECCS Corner

Please contact us if you wish to use the room for classes.

Interlibrary loans from other libraries

  • After registration, you can use MyOPAC to order books from other UTokyo libraries to Agr. Library.→OPAC User’s Guide
  • In addition to registration, you can also request copies from other UTokyo libraries, order books and copies from other universities, and browse and copy PDFs of materials held at Agr. Library. A separate application to use the MyOPAC interlibrary loan service is required. Please apply via the internet.
  • Applications can also be made at the service desk. Please come with the following items.
    • Faculty ID or Library card
    • Application form for the MyOPAC delivery request service
      *If you use public expense, the signature and seal of the person in charge of public expense in the laboratory is required in the “支払責任者 (person responsible for payment)” field.

Recommendation of materials

Training session

  • Searching information training sessions for agricultural and life sciences are held in the spring and autumn terms each fiscal year.
  • The topics of session would be how to search for journal articles in specific fields, how to access e-journals and databases off-campus and so on.
  • Please see here for details (how to apply etc.).

Agr. Library Virtual Tour

These videos show you how to use Agr. Library. They are short videos that can be watched in 30 seconds or a few minutes. Please use them to help clear up any questions you may have.
→Please watch from here


If you have any questions, please ask at the service desk or contact us using the contact information.