Welcome to Agr. Library! [For New Student]

This page is for incoming students. It was created by Agr. students through On-Campus Jobs based study support program.

[For Library Users]
Here is some useful information about University Library for Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo.
Use the library for assignments, research, and more…!

1. Before coming to Agr. Library

1) Check location <Access map>

2) Check open days and hours <Library calendar>

3) UTokyo Wi-Fi
 You can use UTokyo Wi-Fi in the library.
 Please register a UTokyo Wi-Fi account to use this service.
 Click here for more information.

4) Don’t forget your student ID card for borrowing and returning materials.
 It is required to enter and leave the library and to borrow materials.


Please register your contact details through UTAS the day before you start using library services.
Virtual Tour is also recommended if you want to learn how to use Agr. Library in advance.

2. Explore Agr. Library <Floor map>

The building right beside the entrance is the main building and in the back is the annex. The main building contains journals, government documents, and statistical handbooks, while the annex contains books.
All areas of the building are quiet and perfect for self-study.

[Recommended place]
Browsing Corner

[Recommended place]
Seminar Rooms / Conference Room

3. Here are some great places for you! <Floor guide>

①Newly Arrived Books Corner (1F)

You can borrow newly arrived books, so check it out every time you come!

②Special Exhibition Corner (1F)

There are several material exhibitions a year.
e.g. ‘Books purchased on student request’ in the previous year


Materials on display can be borrowed freely.

③Lounge (1F)

Welcome to the space great for relaxing and recuperating! Eating, drinking and making phone calls are allowed.
If you receive an urgent call when you are inside the library, you can make the call here.
Click here for more information.

④Copy Corner (1F)

Library materials can be photocopied in the library.
You will need a photocopying card to use this service, so purchase one at the Co-op in advance.
Click here for more information.


Please use this service within the scope permitted by the Copyright Act.

⑤Syllabus Corner (1F)

Books listed in the Agr. syllabus are stacked here. Perfect place for doing research for lectures!
Click here for more information.


Books in the Syllabus Corner are not available for checking out.
But identical books on the shelves for General Books are available for checking out.

⑥Browsing Corner (2F)

This is the place where you can find books, newspapers, and general journals for English learning.
Big tables and cozy sofas are highly recommended.
You can also watch and listen to BBC and CNN here.

⑦Cubicles (2F)

No worries about speaking out loud for online lectures and other things in Cubicles!
You can book it via the web form.
Click here for more information.

⑧Seminar Rooms (1, 2) / Conference Room (3F)

These rooms can be used for group study or research with three or more people.
Click here for more information.

Seminar Room 1

Conference Room can be applied for when neither of the two Seminar Rooms are available.

4.Borrow materials

Materials held by Agr. Library

The checkout procedure can be done at the service desk or through the self-checkout machine.
Attention! If you have overdue materials, you may not be able to check out any other materials.

Loan periodRenewalLoan limits
Books2 weeksOnceNo limit
Journals1 weekNot availableNo limit

Please use MyOPAC to check the status of loan and to renew.

Materials held by other UTokyo Libraries

You can borrow materials ordered from other UTokyo Libraries at the service desk.


Please use MyOPAC to request too.
The University of Tokyo has many other libraries besides Agr. Library, Gen. Library and Komaba Library, and the number of books which they can be borrowed and the loan period are determined separately.

5.Return materials

You can return materials on loan to the service desk.


When Agr. Library is closed, you can use the book drop outside the library.

Fragile materials and materials that have been noted when checked out should be returned at the service desk.

6.Use library service everywhere <What you can do on the web>


  • OPAC
    A search site for on-campus materials. Search for materials that you can use for your assignments.
  • MyOPAC
    Log in with UTokyo Account and use personalised services.
    • Loan Period Extension
    • Book Reservation
    • Interlibrary Loan
    • Loan Status / Reservation Check
    • Article Photocopy Delivery Request / PDF Request
    • Book Purchase Request

E-resources available at UTokyo

You can read E-journals and E-books subscribed by University of Tokyo.
Please make good use of the information available online.
Click here for more information.

Databases available at UTokyo

There are many databases that are useful for material searching.
Click here for Popular Databases.
Click here for the list of databases subscribed by UTokyo.


With “EZproxy“, you can use e-resources / databases available at UTokyo from outside the university.

7.To use Agr. Library even more

Request literature

Materials not held in Agr. Library can be requested from inside and outside the university. (Some materials can be ordered for a fee).
Free PDF browsing for Agr. members is recommended!

From UTokyo LibrariesBooksNot required
Coverage of costs by Agr. Library is in trial.
PDF browsingNot required
(only for Agr. members!)
From outside the UniversityBooksRequired
Coverage of costs by Agr. Library is in trial.

Click here for more information.

Books & journals purchase request

You can request the purchase of materials that are necessary for Agr. Library.
Click here for more information.


Tell us materials you would like to recommend to everyone / materials you would like everyone to read / materials that “Agr. Library needs!”.

Training sessions for information retrieval

Agr. Library holds training sessions on how to use practical tools for article searching and your research.
Click here for more information.

Mascot character of Agr. Library – “Nouto-kun”


Nouto-kun was somehow born in 2015 (Agr. Library’s 50th anniversary), and has appeared in exhibitions and on SNS to distribute information. It is precisely because the Faculty of Agriculture conducts all kinds of research related to life that this kind of enigmatic character is warmly allowed to exist.
As a library character, Nouto-kun can’t travel very far, but always await your visits at the Yayoi Campus.

Contact Agr. Library

Click here for contact information.