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The University of Tokyo subscribes to many e-journals, e-books, and databases, which can be read from terminals connected to the campus LAN, such as in libraries and laboratories.

*Batch downloading or mass downloading of articles and other materials is strictly prohibited. If deemed malicious, the e-journals will be unavailable to all university personnel. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS.
Electronic Resources Usage Policy

Search tools


E-Journal & E-book PortalYou can search e-journals and e-books subscribed to by the University of Tokyo in a cross-search.
UTokyo OPACYou can also search e-journals and e-books on the UTokyo OPAC. This is convenient if you want to search for journals in any format (paper / electronic, etc.).
Database ListThis page allows you to search databases available to members of the University of Tokyo.
NDL SearchThis is a service of the National Diet Library (NDL) that enables integrated searches of the collections and article information of the NDL, other academic information institutions, public libraries, university libraries, and archives and museums in Japan. Some of the texts are available for reading.
LiteracyThis is a website that provides useful information about “academic information literacy” for students, faculty, and staff of the University of Tokyo. In addition to searching databases available at the University of Tokyo, this site provides useful information for study and research, such as database manuals and information on training sessions held and planned by the Academic Information Literacy Section.

Agricultural and Life Science

JAFTA Digital Library (*Japanese only)You can search and browse books and other publications published by the Japan Forest Technology Association (JAFTA).
Rural Digital Library (*Japanese only / provided by Agr. Library)This is a database on “food,” “agriculture,” and “community” operated by the Rural Culture Association Japan.
The National Bioscience Database CenterCross-search of diverse databases in the life sciences is available. In addition to literature information, patent information and cross-search services for life science databases, links to individual databases are also available.
bioRxivThis is a preprint server that gathers preprints of articles in the field of biology.

Medical Science

FreeBooks4DoctorsMedical eBooks are available free of charge.
The Merck ManualsThis is the electronic version of the Merck manual of diagnosis and therapy, a compact source of medical information. In addition to the English version, you can access the Japanese, Chinese, and Korean versions.

Use from off-campus

Some contents can be used from off-campus via “EZproxy”.

  • UTokyo Account is required.
  • While using the service, the URL will include a string indicating that it is via EZProxy. Please be careful when citing DOIs, URLs, etc.
  • There is no sign-out button. Please be sure to close your browser completely when exiting. Also, if you use a shared terminal, please delete your browser’s cache and cookies.

For more information about using from off-campus, please see here.

E-journals requiring application for use

Titles that require login information (ID / password) to view the full text

  • Food Technology
  • Phytopathology News

Please e-mail the following information to Srial Section. We will send you back your login information by email on weekdays 9:00-17:00. The information you provide will be used to manage your login information and will not be used for any other purpose.

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Status (undergraduate, graduate, faculty/staff, other)
  • Affiliation (faculty, graduate school, department, laboratory, etc.)
  • Telephone number

Submission address : The University Library for Agricultural and Life Sciences, Serial Section
serials★ replace ★ to @.)

  • Please be careful to manage the ID and password you are notified of.
  • Do not give your ID and password to others.
  • IDs and passwords are possibly changed without notice.

Title that require a visit to the library directly

  • Appita magazine

Please come to the library and inquire at the service desk about use.