Library Materials & Copyright

Copyrighted works (creative expressions of ideas or thoughts) are protected by copyright law. Unauthorized reproduction, adaptation, or any other act that infringes on the rights of the copyright holder is a violation of copyright law. Photocopying of works is allowed only to the extent permitted by copyright law. When photocopying materials in the library, please observe the following points stipulated in Article 31 or other articles of the Copyright Law:

  • For the purpose of research or studies only
  • Single copy per a user
  • A part (less than half) of a work can be photocopied.
    Full text of articles in periodicals (magazines, newspapers, etc.) can be photocopied three month or more after publication or when the next issue is published.
  • When using the photocopier in the library, please fill out the application form and present it at the service desk along with the materials.
  • Photocopying of personal items such as notebooks is not allowed at the library’s photocopier.