Seminar Rooms / Conference Room


Seminar Rooms

Seminar Rooms can be used for group study and research purposes such as classes.

Conference Room

Conference Room can be used for meetings organized by departments and laboratories in the Faculty of Agriculture, as well as for group study and research purposes such as classes.
However, Conference Room can only be used for study/research purposes when there is no vacancy in Seminar Rooms.


  • Seminar Room 1: 3 to 36 people (58㎡)
  • Seminar Room 2: 3 to 20 people (46㎡)
  • Conference Room: 3 to 20 people (59㎡)


Seminar Rooms and Conference Room are available during the following time slots on opening day:
Weekday (when the library is open): 8:30-10:15 / 10:25-12:30 / 12:40-14:45 / 14:55-16:40 / 16:50-18:35 / 18:45-20:30
Weekday (when the library is open on shortened hours): 8:30-10:15 / 10:25-12:30 / 12:40-14:45 / 14:55-16:40
Saturday (when the library is open): 12:40-14:45 / 14:55-16:40

  • Seminar Rooms can be used for up to three consecutive time slots per day.
  • Conference Room can be used for up to five time slots per day. However, it can be used for up to three consecutive time slots for group study and research purposes.


  • Whiteboard
  • Projector
  • Projector screen
  • Document camera
  • Laser pointer
  • Monitor (only in Conference Room)

*Projectors and document cameras are available for check out at the service desk. Please apply for use when making a reservation.


Please apply through the Application Form.
Reservations are accepted from 3 months prior to the desired date of use until 5:00 p.m. on the previous weekday. However, if you need to use the room for a class, you can make reservations on a term basis as long as the first date of use is within three months.


  • Entrance procedures are required when using the rooms. Please enter the library with your student ID card, staff ID card, or library card. If you are not enrolled at the University of Tokyo or not registered to use the library, please inform us when you enter the library.
  • Users are responsible for managing the room keys. When you finish using the room or when you leave the room temporarily, please turn off the air conditioning and lighting, lock the doors , and return the key to service desk.
  • When you leave the room, please return the desks and other items you have moved to their original positions and take your garbage with you. Leave the ventilation on.
  • No food is allowed in the rooms. Beverages are allowed in “Spill-Proof” containers with twist off or other secure lids.
  • In the event of damage of equipment, you will be required to pay for the damage in principle.
  • It is prohibited to do something that disturbs others or take equipment out of the library. If you engage in any of the prohibited acts, you may be refused further use of the rooms.