Library, Faculty of Agriculture (predecessor of University Library for Agricultural and Life Sciences) was built under the auspices of the Rockefeller Foundation and opened in 1965. This was part of a plan to improve the University of Tokyo Library System that was underway at the time and based on advice from the experience of advanced libraries in the U.S., it aimed to create a modern, user-centered agricultural library by concentrating books and journals that had previously been dispersed among various departments and courses.

Under this concept, the library has played an important role as an educational and research facility for faculty and students both inside and outside Faculty of Agriculture. Based on these achievements, the library was designated as a National Center for Overseas Periodicals in agricultural areas by the The Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture (now the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) in 1977, and as a national joint-use facility that systematically collects foreign journals in agricultural and biological sciences and provides them to researchers at universities and research institutions nationwide, the library responds to numerous requests from inside and outside the university for the supply of literature.

1956Feb.Applied to the University Librarian for the construction of the library of the Faculty of Agriculture
1958Oct.Requested assistance from the Rockefeller Foundation for the library construction
1965MayOpening of the Library, Faculty of Agriculture
1977Sept.Designated as a Center for Foreign Journals in Agricultural Areas (later renamed National Center for Overseas Periodicals)
1980MayHeld events (lectures, receptions) to commemorate the 15th anniversary of opening
1994Nov.Annex construction completed
2000Mar.Exhibition of library materials held to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Faculty of Agriculture (27th – 31st).
2001Jan.Renamed to University Library for Agricultural and Life Sciences
2006Sept.Main Library is closed due to low seismic resistance
2008Oct.Seismic retrofitting of the Main Building began
2009Jul.Main building reopened after renovation
2015May50th anniversary


NameDepartmentTerm of Office
1FURUSHIMA ToshioOct. 1964-Mar. 19681st-2nd
2ARUGA HisaoApr. 1968-Mar. 19703rd
3NAKAMURA MichinoriApr. 1970-Mar. 19744th-5th
4OGATA HiroyukiApr. 1974-Mar. 19766th
5KURATA SatoruApr. 1976-Mar. 19787th
6EGUSA ShuzoApr. 1978-Mar. 19808th
7SHIRAI KiyotsuneApr. 1980-Mar. 19829th
8TAMURA GakuzoApr. 1982-Mar. 198410th
9MATSUMOTO YoshiharuApr. 1984-Mar. 198611th
10YANO ToshimasaApr. 1986-Mar. 198812th
11ISHIZU AtushiApr. 1988-Mar. 199013th
12NAGUMO HidejiroApr. 1990-Mar. 199114th
13KITANI OsamuApr. 1991-Mar. 199314th-15th
14MUROFUSHI NoboruApr. 1993-Mar. 199515th-16th
15OKUMA MotoakiDepartment of Biomaterials SciencesApr. 1995-Mar. 199716th-17th
16TANAKA ManabuDepartment of Agricultural and Resource EconomicsApr. 1997-Mar. 199917th-18th
17KAMINOGAWA ShuichiDepartment of Applied Biological ChemistryApr. 1999-Mar. 200318th-20th
18IWAMOTO NoriakiDepartment of Agricultural and Resource EconomicsApr. 2003-Mar. 200520th-21st
19NAGASAWA HiromichiDepartment of Applied Biological ChemistryApr. 2005-Mar. 200921st-23rd
20HOMMA MasayoshiDepartment of Agricultural and Resource EconomicsApr. 2009-Mar. 201323rd-25th
21SHIMIZU KentaroDepartment of BiotechnologyApr. 2013-Mar. 201725th-27th
22MATSUMOTO TakenoriDepartment of Agricultural and Resource EconomicsApr. 2017-Mar. 202127th-29th
23TAKAYAMA SeijiDepartment of Applied Biological ChemistryApr. 2021-Mar. 202329th-30th
24UCHIDA KojiDepartment of Applied Biological ChemistryApr. 2023-30th-


Rules and Regulations of University Library for Agricultural and Life Sciences (Revised: Jan. 21, 2021) (in Japanese) (PDF)
Rules for the Use of the University Library for Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo (Revised: Jan. 21, 2021) (PDF)


Library Guide (PDF)