Characteristics of microforms

Microforms are films or plates that store microphotographs of books, journals, newspapers, documents, etc., which have been used as substitutes for rare materials. There are roll (reel) and sheet (microfiche) microforms, which can be viewed and printed using a special machine called a microfilm reader/printer.

How to search for microforms

Microforms of books and journals can be found using UTokyo OPAC or paper lists provided in the library. Please note that not all of our microforms, especially books, are catalogued in UTokyo OPAC.

Search in UTokyo OPAC

As with paper books and journals, you can search UTokyo OPAC by the title or words contained in the title.

  • Search results contain words such as “Microform”.
  • Location is “Agr.Lib.Non-BookM”.

Search by list

Printed lists of the microforms in our collection are available at the service desk. There is a list of micro-cabinets in the order in which they are arranged, a list of materials in order of title, and a list of card catalog copies of journals. As not all of our microforms are catalogued in UTokyo OPAC, please apply for these list at the service desk.

Search for information in microforms

Some microforms are accompanied by explanatory materials and printed lists, which are kept on the bookshelves or at the service desk. They allow you to find out where in the microforms the part you want to view is located.

How to use microforms

  • Please apply for use at the service desk.
    • Application: Weekdays 9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:30
    • Browsing: Weekdays 9:00-17:00
  • The microform reader in the library is available for viewing. If you do not know how to use the reader, please ask at the service desk.
  • Please apply for photocopying at the service desk.