Other Facilities

ECCS terminals

ECCS terminals are located in Reading Room 2 (ECCS Corner) on the 3rd floor.
Advance application is required to use ECCS terminals. For details, please check ECCS website of Information Technology Center, the University of Tokyo.

Wireless LAN

UTokyo Wi-Fi is available throughout the library.

  • To use UTokyo Wi-Fi, you need to have a UTokyo Wi-Fi account.
  • Please note that the connection may be difficult to establish due to the condition of radio waves or your equipment.
  • Please check UTokyo Wi-Fi website for information on issuing an account and setting up the wireless LAN.
  • Wireless LAN cards and computers are not provided; please bring your own.

For information on wireless LANs other than UTokyo Wi-Fi, please check Wi-Fi services in UTokyo.

Card-operated photocopier

There is a photocopier available for photocopying library materials on the 1st floor.

  • Photocopier can be used with a copy card. Cash is not accepted.
  • Copy cards are sold at the UTokyo CO-OP, not in the library. The nearest CO-OP store is Co-op store in Yayoi section (Books and Purchasing).
    the Co-op store in Yayoi section
    University of Tokyo Co-op Store in Hongo Campus
     *Copy cards are available at Co-op store No.1 and Co-op store No.2.
     *Copy card sales hours may differ from Co-op store opening hours. Please contact the Co-op store for details.

Terminal for reading materials

There is a terminal for viewing CDs and DVDs held in the library near the Service Desk on the 1st floor. You can also print out materials using the card-operated photocopier.
Please apply for use at the Service Desk.

  • Available from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays. Please apply for use by 16:30.
  • UTokyo members can use CDs and DVDs at ECCS terminals or on their own computer. (Some materials are not available on ECCS terminals or brought-in computers.)

BBC/CNN broadcasts

BBC broadcasts (BBC News) and CNN broadcasts (CNN Newsroom) are available at the Browsing Corner on the 2nd floor.