For All Users

Opening hours
 Using rare books (prior application required)
 Photocopy machine
 Photographing by user (prior application required)
Support for Agr. Library users who need special assistance

Opening hours

/ Holidays
Regular8:30 – 21:00
*Admission for off-campus visitors: until 20:00
12:00 – 17:00Closed
Shortened open
8:30 – 17:00ClosedClosed

Closed days

  • Sundays
  • National holidays (except days when lectures are held)
  • Library maintenance days (in principle, end of each month)
  • Year-end and New Year holidays (December 28 – January 3)
  • Day of the common test for university admission
  • Saturdays that fall on the day before / Saturdays on the day of the second round of the entrance exams of the University of Tokyo in the Yayoi area
  • Summer holidays designated by the Graduate School

*Agr. Library may be temporarily closed or its opening hours may be shortened.
*Please refer to each service section for service hours.
*Please be sure to check the “Library Calendar” for other temporary changes.


  • There is an entrance gate at the library.
  • For those who belong to UTokyo, please place your “Faculty / Student ID” on the reader at the entrance gate and enter after the gate opens.
  • If you do not take your ID Card or if the entrance gate does not open, please complete the entrance procedures at the service desk.
  • If you have alumni library pass, you can enter the library by using the pass. Please see “For Alumni“.
  • For off-campus visitors, we do not grant admission to those who do not intend to use particular materials for research purposes. Please see “For Off-Campus Visitors“.


  • On the UTokyo OPAC, materials whose “Location” starts with “Agr.Lib.” are held in Agr. library. Please refer to “Materials & Locations” and “OPAC Search Results” for the location of materials in the library.
    *On the UTokyo OPAC, materials whose “Location” starts with “Agr.[Laboratory name]” are held by the laboratories. How to use these materials differs depending on the laboratory. For details, please email Information Service Section (Reception : 8:30-17:00 (on Weekdays)).
  • Agr. library uses an open stack system. You can freely take out books and journals from the shelves and browse them in the library.
  • Please return used materials to their original locations on the shelves.
  • Please note that the following materials should be delivered by staff, so please pay attention to the service hours.
Visual /audio materials
From opening to 30 minutes before closing (Reception for terminal for viewing CDs and DVDs: 9:00-16:30 (on weekdays))
*For Off-Campus Visitors, please see here
During opening hours (Using terminal for viewing CDs and DVDs: 9:00-17:00 (on weekdays))
*For Off-Campus Visitors, please see here
Doctoral dissertations, maps, microforms9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:30 (on Weekdays)9:00-17:00 (on Weekdays)
Archival materials (includes *rare books)
Graduation theses from Meiji and Taisho periods
Various collections (Suzuki collection, Ueda collection, Sasaki collection, Janson collection)
9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:30 (on Weekdays)9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 (on Weekdays)

Using rare books (Prior application is required) Browsing : Weekdays 9:00-17:00

  • To use rare books, please submit an application form to use rare books (Word / PDF) at least 3 weekdays prior to the desired date of use. In principle, applications cannot be submitted on the day of the visit. Please make sure to submit the application in advance by sending an email to Information Service Section.
    *Please upload attachments separately to the folder for submission.
  • In principle, if digital data of the materials is available, we ask that you use that data.
  • Rare books may not be photocopied using photocopy machine. Only photographing by user (less than 10 frames per day) or outsourced photocopying is allowed. For details, please see “Photographing by user“.


Photocopy machine Reception : Opening-30 minutes before closing

  • As there is only one photocopier, you may have to wait when there is a large number of people, so please ensure that you have enough time.
    *Subject to restrictions based on the condition of the material and copyright laws. (For more information, please see “materials and copyright laws”.)
  • Please fill out the application form and submit it with the materials to the service desk before photocopying.
  • Rare books cannot be copied by photocopy machine. For details, please see “Using rare books” and “Photographing by user“.
  • Fee: 10 yen per sheet for monochrome, 50 yen per sheet for color.
    *Only copy cards are accepted, cash is not. Copy cards are not sold in the library.
    The nearest sales store is the Co-op store in Yayoi section.
    the Co-op store in Yayoi section
    University of Tokyo Co-op Store in Hongo Campus
     *Copy cards are available at Co-op store No.1 and Co-op store No.2.
     *Copy card sales hours may differ from Co-op store opening hours. Please contact the Co-op store for details.
Copy Card (Sample)

Photographing by user (prior application required) Service hours : Weekdays 9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:30

User may photograph materials in the library only for research or academic purposes (no more than 10 frames per day).

1. Submit documents

Please submit an application form at least 3 weekdays prior to the desired date of use by sending an email to Information Service Section.
*Please upload attachments separately to the folder for submission.

Application form for special permission of use (in Japanese) (Excel, PDF)If you wish to verify your entry, please submit it as a Word file first.
If the material is deteriorated or if more than 10 frames are desired to be taken in a day, photography will be outsourced to a contractor and a different application form will be required.
For details, please contact Information Service Section.
Application form to browse and copy rare books (in Japanese) (Word, PDF)Only when you want to use rare books
(If you are unsure whether the material you are requesting is a rare book, please contact us.)
Authorization documents related to rightsOnly when copyrights or portrait rights need to be handled.
(There is no standard format.)
2. Photograph the materials
  • Photography must be conducted in the designated place. A staff will be present during photography. Photographing of pages that have not been applied for is not allowed.
  • In the event of damage of materials during photographing, the applicant will be required to compensate for the damage.
3. Use the images taken

Reference Service hours : Weekdays 9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:30

If you have any questions like the following topic, please ask at the service desk.

  • How to use Agr. Library
  • How to search and find materials

Questions on the following topics are not accepted.

  • Appraisals of items such as old books, or estimations of market value
  • Assisting in deciphering, annotation, translation, or excerpting materials
  • Matters that infringe on personal privacy
  • Personal advice, legal or medical advice
  • Preparation of comprehensive bibliography
  • Completion of academic or work assignments
  • Introduction of researchers

If you have any questions about the University of Tokyo or the UTokyo library collections (e.g., whether or not a particular material is held, how to use it, etc.), please use the ASK Service.


  • Dining in the library is allowed only in the lounge (1F). However, the following items cannot be brought in.
    • Food and beverages with strong smells (e.g. curry)
    • Primarily liquid food (e.g. soup, ramen)
    • Beverages not in “spill-proof” containers (e.g. pull-tab cans, paper cups, paper cartons)
    • Alcoholic beverages
  • Dining is not allowed in the reading seat area.
  • Only drinks in “spill-proof” containers are allowed. When not drinking, be sure to seal the container tightly to prevent spillage. In addition, only water and tea (no sugar) are allowed to be brought in (except in the lounge).
  • Smoking is prohibited in the entire building.
  • Please take care of your valuables by carrying them with you whenever you leave your seat. Laptops, cell phones and tablets may also be stolen, so please be careful.
  • Please switch your cell phone to silent mode before entering the library. Calls can be made only in the lounge (1F) and elevator hall (3F).
  • Please refrain from talking in the library.

Support for Agr. Library users who need special assistance

Firstly, please ask at the service desk.

Service for users with children

Users can use the following library services with their children.
Some areas in the library are difficult to access with a stroller.
When you use the services, please ask at the service desk so that staff can assist you.

  • Browsing materials
  • Photocopy
  • Borrowing and return materials / Receipt of reserved books (UTokyo members only)
  • ECCS terminals (UTokyo members only)

Spaces for breast-feeding and diaper changes are available.
*Please take diaper waste with you.

A folding crib for diaper changes
  • For children’s safety, please do not leave your children alone and keep an eye on them.
  • Please note that staff may ask you to move to another area or leave the library if, in the opinion of staff on duty, a child’s behavior is disturbing other users.

Service for users with disabilities

The following services are available.

  • Accessible restroom (Compatible with ostomates)
  • Simple writing board for communication
  • Wheelchair
  • Elevator (Main Building only)
  • Book delivery service for students unable to visit the library (Students belonging to Graduated school of Agricultural and Life Sciences/ Faculty of Agriculture only)
  • Digitization Service (UTokyo members only)
Simple writing board

*If you need any help, please feel free to ask for the staff.