Agr. Library Virtual Tour

Agr. Library offers 30 sec. to 3 min. videos which tell you how to use the library. Just watch a video and solve your problem!

  • Some videos are for Agr. members.
  • The videos are made by Agr. students through On-Campus Jobs (OCJ).

Part 1: Use the library items
Part 2: Use the library online
Part 3: Use the library facilities

About Agr. Library

Part 1: Use the library items

1. How to search for books and journals

  • You can request books from other UTokyo libraries through MyOPAC. For details, please watch “How to use MyOPAC“.

2. Location of books and journals

3. How to check out books and journals

  • For details on MyOPAC, please watch “How to use MyOPAC“.
  • Agr. Library offers parcel book delivery service. For detail, please refer to this page.

4. How to photocopy books and journals

  • Only a copy card is available for copying at the photocopier. Copy cards need to be purchased at the University of Tokyo CO-OP.

5. How to return books and journals

  • There is a return stand in front of the entrance gate to prevent COVID-19. Please return the items to the stand if you do not need to enter the library.

6. Library user registration

  • You can apply for registration online. For details, please check here.

Part 2: Use the library online

1. How to access databases / e-journals from off-campus

2. How to use MyOPAC

  • Please check “Request Literature” for details on requesting copied article or PDFs and requesting books from other universities.

3. Access information about agricultural and life sciences

Part 3: Use the library facilities

1. Cubicles (*Agr. members only)

2. Seminar Room & Conference Room (*Agr. members only)

3. ECCS Corner

4. Other facilities