Theses and articles of UTokyo Agri.

Doctrial Theses

Electronic Version

UTokyo Repository (page of Faculty of Agri.)
  Please note that this is NOT a complete collection of theses.

Paper Version

Doctorial Dissertation Database UTokyo
  It is able to search doctorial thesis which was granted in the University of Tokyo.

The Library holds the collection of doctoral thesis(1958~).That collection is closed stacks, can be used only during the weekdays 9:00-17:00 hr. Please request at the circulation desk.

The library don't hold master's thesis.

Articles, Research Accomplishments

UTokyo Repository (top page)
  The system to store and provide digital resources created by members of the University of Tokyo community. It includes various types of academic contents.


  The database searchable books or journals in UTokyo Libraries.

Website of UTokyo Agr.

  It broadcasts news or information about the school.


Researchers/Scholars(The page is in Website of UTokyo Agr.)

  It able to search reseachers or scholars of the school.